As you might expect, producing a show like this does have a little bit of overhead. Hosting and equipment costs, and a few nice pieces of software and equipment. Many successful shows out there offset their production costs by using advertising - companies pay them to talk about and promote their products/services in exchange for money.

Here's the thing, though - we think that it's really important for us to be completely honest and impartial with you guys. If we feel that a particular product or company is awesome (or not-so-awesome), we don't want to be beholden to a paying sponsor. 

So we figured we'd appeal to you guys - our audience - to help us out. So let's say you’re more than just a listener, you want to actually say “Thanks!”. So how do you do that? We've got a few options for you.


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Some links in the show notes will be affiliate links, which means that if you click through and buy the item, Bill & Dan will get a small cut of the proceeds at no cost to you. It's an easy way for you to help out and it doesn't cost you a cent! (At least not any more than you were going to spend on that shiny new lens on Amazon anyway)